We are proud to announce that Megasthenes Mahubah (Mara) gave birth to 8 puppies on 30 August 2019!


The A-litter consists of 5 males and 3 females.

MadoYama Adachi          female

MadoYama Araya            female

MadoYama Atsuko          female

MadoYama Asahi             male

MadoYama Azuma          male

MadoYama Akihiro          male

MadoYama Arato             male

MadoYama Ataru             male


The puppies are born from the combination


Paws Up Genta od Janusów (Genta) x Megasthenes Mahubah (Mara) 


This great combination is characterized by the fact that both dogs have a very calm, open and stable character.

In addition to the various championship titles, both national and international, both dogs are fully tested for HD and ED.

Paws Up Genta od Janusów:   HD-A and ED 0/0

Megasthenes Mahubah : HD-B and ED 0/0


The puppies are chipped and given a pedigree. They are dewormed, vaccinated and socialized in our family.

From 8-9 weeks the puppies can join the new owners. For puppies moving abroad, the import rules of the country where they are traveling to applies.