About us

We live as a family together with our dogs in Klein-Zundert near the Belgium border, just below the city Breda. This place is important to us and the name of our kennel `MadoYama` refers to the neighborhood where we live and the Tosa’s that will be born here will be named after our kennel.



Keeping dogs has always been a wish. Both of us were lucky to grow up with dogs and once we had the time and space, Nika came to live with us and become part of our family. Achieving Professional Competence Dog and Cat decree was a desire for more ...... more dogs around us and after a while we could welcome Mara as a new family member and companion. Meanwhile, the ambition and passion for the Tosa breed only grew by these great dogs! We hope our pack will grow in the future and we will have a positive contribute to the breed. 



Our dogs are first and foremost our buddies, they are part of our family and therefore live with us in our home. We love to have them around us and we think it is important they are involved in our everyday things. They can get along well with our children and other animals, a cat and ponies, partly because of the open and social nature of our dogs towards humams. Open and social character to humans are elements that are of utmost importance to us and therefore we will always strive to achieve this in our litters as well.

The Tosa deserves an owner who is clear and consistent, so there is no miss-communication. Tosa's are very sensitive to this. Clear communication is an investment that always pays off. In our case we believe that when you live together, mutual commitment will result in a strong bond with your dog, a bond for live.