Our dogs -Females

Megasthenes Mahubah "Mara"


HD-B            ED 0/0

55 kg 

M : Fanatico Dutch Birengo   

F  : Dyashida Tosakengolds



Dutch champion

International champion


Our big friendly giant is how we call you. In terms of appearance and character you are what we like in a Tosa. Balanced and open to whoever you meet, our cat, ponies, children and adults. It doesn't matter, you approach everyone very neutral and friendly. Smart as you are, you understand exactly what we ask of you. You love to exercise, train and play games, Like many Tosa's you are very sensitive to emotion and voice and positive training works great with you. In the evening you often come to cuddle and then fall asleep on my lap ... .. which sometimes is not easy since you weigh 55 kg, but we both really enjoy it. Contact, physically and emotionally has made our band very strong, a very special bond for life.


Dessa Nobunaga of the Kochi Castle "Kida"


16 kg (14-9-18)

M : Furuhito No Öji Maegashira   

F  : Chinmi z Horowych Bagien



The youngster of the pack, our benjamin. You are wonderfully vivid. Still impressed by new things, but you develop so well and make big leaps. We get to know each other better step by step and cuddle a lot. We enjoy you and are very happy to have you with us!

Nika - in memory

12-06-2009 † 30-01-2018


Our first dog who came to live with us just after the birth of our daughter. Together with her you grew up and became a real buddy for us. On vacation, visiting grandpa and grandma, training or staying at home. You enjoyed it all. You could snore like no other ... great sound, until Mara came to live with us and she could snore just as well, then you immediately grumbled so she would be quiet. You have been a great example to her. Playing together in the garden, competing which one of you was the strongest and fastest. You were real buddies, Unfortunately, you only turned 8 and it was inevitable that we had to let you go, definitely.

You teached us a lot, especially to have lots of respect for you. Forever in our hearts .....